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Dear Reader:

My name is jl scott, and I have a huge revelation to share with you. But first let me touch on something I'm sure you've already experienced ...

"Most self-help success techniques
only bring temporary change."

Because, as you have probably already discovered, they just don't work over the long haul!

Positive thinking, improved mental attitude - affirmations - creative visualization - meditation. Allgreat processes! All will bring about change. Yet, rarely does the change last indefinitely. Does that sound agonizingly familiar?

Have you ever heard of a butterfly changing back into a caterpillar? Of course not! The butterfly doesn't change. It's the Secret of Transformation rather than "change."

Change will not bring about permanent improvements - but Transformation will! Let me explain ...

"Change is not the answer"

Because there's only one thing certain about change. It's temporary!

Transformation, on the other hand, is complete. The butterfly never changes back into a caterpillar.

I wrote The MASTER COURSE™ after years of facilitating seminars, teaching workshops and counseling people who wanted to create lives full of success and joy. This experience taught me that every desire for happiness is based in one of three areas of life:

  • physical well-being
  • financial success and security
  • and relationships of all types.

Many new students tell me they have read all the books and taken all the classes (Sound familiar?). Yet, even though they always managed to temporarily bring in some of the changes they desired - it never lasted! In fact, all too often, they ultimately ended up in worse shape than when they started!

What was the problem? Why did that change not last? Why did those lessons they learned not continue to help them? Why did their lives eventually change back to the unsatisfactory condition they'd so desperately sought to break free from?

Why couldn't they achieve the complete transformation?

I answer each and every one of these questions for you in The MASTER COURSE™ - and show you how to make it last!

"You deserve it ALL!"

Yes! You do deserve to have everything in this life that was created for your happiness and contentment. We all do! I can't say that enough! You deserve to have all the money you can spend - great relationships - glowing good health. So why continue to experience lack or deprivation - in any area - rather than a joyous life filled with all-around success?

Everything in The MASTER COURSE™ is related to the universal principles behind our creative processes. Because without full knowledge, understanding and use of these underlying principles, even change loses its power and never becomes permanent.

"This course is some of the best material I've read in years, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their life and is willing to do more than just read it. There are no magic bullets in life, all good things require some effort. If you're willing to do your part, The MASTER COURSE™ is as close as anything I've seen to being a magic bullet."

Dennis Gaskill, aka "Boogie Jack"

"Please think hard about this ..."

Just imagine what it would be like to always have as much money as you need pouring in - and never see it slow down!

  • How many times have you started full-tilt toward financial success, only to see the well run dry before you ever quite achieved your goals? Bad luck ...
- or, is it comething else?

Visualize what it would be like to have the body you've always wanted - never have to worry about your weight again - and maintain youth and perfect health!

  • So you lost 20 - 30 - 50 pounds. Then, six months later it was all back, plus a few additional pounds. Unstable metabolism ...
- or, is it something else?
  • Or, you have one ailment after another and you're just waiting for the day you come down with some fatal disease. Are you simply prone to ill-health ...
- or, is it comething else?

Think what it would be like to have the relationship of your dreams - and keep it - while it grows more loving every day!

  • Maybe you've gone from relationship to relationship, thinking each one was "The One." Were you meant to be alone ...
- or, is there another reason?
  • Or maybe you're in a committed relationship but every year, it seems to go further downhill. Or, it's just one drama after another with your family. Everyone's always mad at you. Are you unlovable ...
- or, is there another reason?

The answer to each of those questions is the same. "No, not unless that's the way you want it to be."

Of course nobody believes they want to be poor, overweight, unhealthy, alone or always in trouble. And yet, we only create for ourselves what we want at some level. Make no mistake. We create every single situation in our lives. Even the ones that seem to be controlled by "fate." I'll show you how that's done so you can make the choice to do it differently in any area of life you choose.

"Simply put, I am stunned! ... truly one of a kind in both breadth and depth ... Your use of subject matter and language to educate the reader is masterful ... head and shoulders above the pack of other motivational and self-help courses!"

Jack Herbert, Manning, Lewis & Assoc., Inc.

"Now be absolutely honest with yourself ..."

  • Have you been trying for years to create change in your life only to see it float away - just when you think you've got it? Are you fed up with struggling to give your family a better standard of living?

  • Have you started believing that all that "positive thinking" is nonsense? Not to mention the other processes you may have tried. And are you willing to try it one more time - using proven principles that will let you maintain what you accomplish?

  • Have you used life creation techniques that have worked wonderfully in a particular area of your life - yet, you can't seem to get those same techniques to work in other areas? For instance, maybe you have gained control over your finances but can't really enjoy it because you're still suffering from poor health. Or, perhaps you've taken control over your physical well-being but you're still alone - unable to find a satisfying relationship. Or ...

  • "Are you brand new to the
    'creating your own life' process?"

    Do you want to get the ultimate instructions the very first time - without the discouraging experience of seeing your life change for the better - then fall apart just when you think you're winning?

    Perhaps you have tried several Internet marketing projects with just so-so results. Or, maybe you're in business for yourself. So you want to know how to make every project you launch a huge success, with tremendous ongoing income, instead of the disappointingly poor results usually achieved by thousands of people trying one money-making project after another.

    The solution is NOT to try to change. The answer is to ...

    "Become The Butterfly!"

    ... And experience real Life Transformation - rather than just temporary change that could reverse itself at any minute! I mean transformation in every area of your life.

    You - yes, YOU - can achieve that transformation by absorbing the The MASTER COURSE™ in depth. Study it - learn it - live it. It will teach you the proven universal principles and mind sets for successful and permanent transformation of your life.

    The MASTER COURSE™ contains all the information you need for creation in every part of your life: financial prosperity, loving relationships and physical well being. And the final chapter will give you a road map showing you the path to your final -and permanent - destination ...

    ... Transformation!


    This Home Study Course in Life Transformation is prepared to lead you gently through the development and birthing process of a whole new life! I call it "The MASTER COURSE"™ because it will teach you to master every part of your life!

    You can read the entire course and get started right now discovering everything you never learned before about creating the life you've always dreamed of.


    The Appendix of the Course is actually a workbook, included free with this book. You'll use the workbook as your first lesson since it contains important preparatory exercises. Then, you will continue through the course.

    You cannot simply read a book and expect to just "get it." This is a course of study - which works!

    A few people in the world have a natural consciousness for success. Others have learned through reading such authors as Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone or other motivational teachers.

    What they leave out IS in The MASTER COURSE™ - a step-by-step method for creating whatever you want in life. Beginning to end. It doesn't just tell you how to have a positive mental attitude, it teaches you EXACTLY how to create. And, by the way - there's more to it than just practicing positive thinking.

    If you're trainable, and if you follow the steps in The MASTER COURSE,™ you WILL be successful in whatever area of life you choose. And, if you want to know the truth, MONEY is the EASIEST thing to manifest in your life.

    "... hope, inspiration, understanding, and a sense that someone has finally switched on a light at the end of the tunnel leading to happiness and a truly fulfilling life - that's what this book is really about. I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from the positive message you have penned. You have TRULY produced an unselfish gift of love!"

    Jay Douglas

    "Just look at what you'll learn ..."

    PART I
    ***** How you've created your own life up to this moment
    ***** Why changing old attitudes is absolutely essential
    ***** The 10 principles that make creative techniques work
    ***** How to use the most powerful creative energy
    ***** What mind-set must be changed to create wealth
    ***** What 2 things determine your financial success
    ***** What to do about the 1 thing that makes you grow old
    ***** How to get your body to do what you want it to
    ***** Why every "wrong" relationship is with a "soul-mate"
    ***** How to take the 1st step in creating "right relationships"
    ***** What level of consciousness decides what you create
    ***** How you can erase past history that holds you back

    ***** What is the easiest stress releaser in the world
    ***** How you can stop living in fear
    ***** Why "clean energy" is necessary to create the good stuff
    ***** What is the "energy of life" and how does it work
    ***** How to change your expectations to ensure your success
    ***** When you must recondition your feelings about yourself
    ***** Why fear of economic insecurity creates what you fear
    ***** Why you should never try to get rid of a bad situation
    ***** How - and when - you take the 1st step to wealth
    ***** A relationship you must have to create perfect health
    ***** How to know if you're ready for an intimate relationship
    ***** Which personality characteristics can't be changed

    "What an inspiring and spiritually uplifting course! Little did I know how much your personal being affects EVERYTHING around you ... including your business success. You taught me so much in this new course, jl and I highly recommend it to ANYONE -- young/old, new/experienced, business owner or not. This is a gem!"

    Diane Hughes
    HNB Resources

    ***** Which 7 laws govern everything you create
    ***** What is keeping you from getting what you want
    ***** How to discover your most basic desire
    ***** Why affirmations don't always work
    ***** The 1 belief that will keep you from ever being wealthy
    ***** Why wealth is the most difficult choice to make
    ***** When well-handled stress can be good for you
    ***** How a 6 year old took complete control of her health
    ***** What 2 things you get out of being ill
    ***** How to find out if you want an intimate relationship
    ***** Answers you must have before creating relationships
    ***** 6 most used excuses for failure to create your good

    ***** Discover the 7 step process for creating wealth
    ***** What is the 1st thing you need before you start
    ***** What kind of thinking limits what you can create
    ***** What's the main thing that paralyzes creative efforts
    ***** What is the 1 small condition you must let guide you
    ***** How 7 simple actions will help guarantee your success
    ***** When you must use this trick for letting go
    ***** The most important thing you can do for anti-aging
    ***** What you should never do in creating a relationship
    ***** What to do while waiting for your creation to appear
    ***** What is your final goal for life transformation
    ***** How to be sure you will receive whatever you need

    Over the past 30 years I've read millions of words, scores of books, and attended dozens of Self-help seminars. But jl really does an amazing job with The MASTER COURSE.™

    If you're honest enough to accept that you need some help to improve your life. That *your* life transformation would also improve the ifestyles of your loved ones, and everyone else around you. That maybe you should do something positive to help yourself, your partner and your kids, instead of just 'hoping for the best', then I suggest you take a look now at how she can help all of you.

    Because she will.

    Joe Robson, RIP

    "Be Realistic"

    Why spend the THOUSANDS of dollars it would normally cost you to hear all this at a seminar you have to travel to - then forget the details when you try to use it? Now you can study, learn and absorb the very same principles in the comfort of your own home, and have everything at your fingertips.

    These lessons have been prepared to move you through the correct step-by-step process - at the correct speed - with no confusion. They come with detailed directions on exactly what to do, so you are never overwhelmed. It's made easy and fun!

    "Read what one man wrote"

    ... just three months after completing The MASTER COURSE!™ Real Life TESTIMONIAL

    The All-Important Appendix!

    "The MASTER COURSE™ Workbook!"

    "Who's Driving Your Bus?" includes everything you need to change the way you see yourself. Years of misinformation regarding what you deserve will be wiped out! What you learn will be used throughout the Course. Use this Workbook along with the Course, and NOTHING is left to chance in assuring your success!

    And that's not all! Because if you ORDER NOW! you'll not only get 72% off the original price - you will also qualify for the following:


    Order now and you will receive -

    "10 Mistakes that Keep You From
    Creating What You Want and
    How to Avoid Them!"

    This ground-breaking publication covers all the mistakes people make while trying to improve their lives through creative techniques. It gives you the bottom line on positioning yourself for success. Using this report will save you valuable time!

    Just send a copy of your sales receipt to my email address (listed on page 323 of the book) and I'll email you a .PDF file containing "10 Mistakes that Keep You From Creating What You Want and How to Avoid Them" absolutely free!

    "Consider this ..."

    For just a tiny fraction of what you would pay for the information to transform any part of your life at a seminar, you can receive your copy of The MASTER COURSE™ today, and change every part of your life whenever you want!

    See? You have absolutely nothing to lose and the golden opportunity to transform each and every part of your life!

    ... I guarantee it!

    "Take your first step right here"

    Your book will arrive in less than two weeks, and you can get started right away to work through your own personal transformation and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams! So ...

    ORDER NOW! Implement the principles in the The MASTER COURSE™ and prepare to re-create yourself today! You'll not only enjoy it - you'll have fun with it!

    For the rest of your life you can transform any part of your life, whenever you choose!

    My warmest regards,

    jl scott

    jl scott

    P.S. Remember that seminars that teach similar techniques can cost you several thousands of dollars! But now you can have this same information at just a fraction of that cost - in soft cover book form!

    P.P.S. Hundreds of copies of The MASTER COURSE™ were sold for $97 each when it was sold in .pdf (digital) form. Now, you get it for just 28% of that price! You can not only hold it in your hand, you can write your own notes right in the book! So, don't miss out on this opportunity to have all this life transforming help and information at the low, low price of just $27 for the full course ... AND the Workbook!

    P.P.P.S. You can even email your sales receipt, as soon as you get it, to: admin at and I'll promptly return your copy of "10 Mistakes that Keep You From Creating What You Want and How to Avoid Them!" Then, you can get started immediately!

    "Your MASTER COURSE™ is an amazing course, which says everything there is to say about life and living. I am so grateful that you permitted me to read it. I hope all the inhabitants of this planet have a chance to read and study The MASTER COURSE.™ It would change the very nature of Earth."

    John Harricharan, Best-selling Author of
    When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat


    Thanks! Enjoy your newly transformed life!

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